Want to see Garth Brooks in concert in Hawaii for free?


Garth Brooks concert – would you like to come with me? Spare ticket Saturday Dec 10

I have unexpectedly found myself with a spare ticket to the Garth Brooks concert in Honolulu on Saturday night (Dec 10). I’d originally planned to bring my special lady friend but alas sometimes things go sour.

So rather than let the ticket go to waste I’d prefer to share the company of a fellow Garth fan who will appreciate it. I’m not looking for money – just a reason or reasons why you should come with me.

Email your reason to: anthony <at> ambientwhispers.com
Include something about your self and contact details (or be prepared to leave contact details on Saturday morning).

I’m currently on a cruise ship with intermittent net access but will be arriving in Hawaii Saturday morning. If on Saturday morning I have anyone interested in accompanying me I’ll contact you then.

If you’re interested my name is Anthony. I’m Australian, 42, on sabbatical and wandering through the United States. I believe in honesty, new experiences and living each day to the fullest. I have a dry sense of humour (blame the Oz background) and love laughing and smiling.

And I love Garth.

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